.223 Rem 55gr V-Max SUBSONIC


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.223 Rem 55gr V-Max SUBSONIC


This is our SILENT OPERATOR series


1/9 Barrel Twist Recomended

20 Round Box

1015 FPS    20" Barrel


Does NOT Cycle in a Semi-Auto

Beck Ammunition Silent Operatorâ„¢ series is engineered to run at Subsonic Velocities (just below the speed of sound) and to be shot with a sound suppressor.  This ammunition is designed to be shot suppressed (Silencer) and truly is "Hollywood Quiet."  It is engineered for optimal subsonic velocity using a 16" to 20" barrel.  With a proper sound suppressor, this ammunition sounds very close to a pellet gun. The fact that this subsonic ammo does not cycle in a semi-auto makes it the ultimate stealth round because keeping the bolt closed makes all the sound go through your suppressor. This ammunition also serves as a reduced recoil round for those with physical disabilities and desire less felt recoil.  


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