.308 Win 130gr TTSX -HOT & FAST-


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.308 Win 130gr TTSX -HOT & FAST-

New Manufacture

20 Round Box

VELOCITY:  3,100fps 20" barrel

VELOCITY:  2,925fps 16" barrel

VELOCITY:  2,775fps 12.5" barrel

MUZZLE ENERGY: 2,774 ft/lbs 20"


SPEED KILLS!!!  This is our "Hot & Fast" .308 Winchester, featuring a 130gr Barnes Tipped Triple Shock all copper projectile.  This load is about velocity, velocity, and more velocity.  Yes Beck Ammunition is famous for our Subsonic ammo, but we make other high performance ammunition as well.  This load right here is a smoking hot performer.  It's the kind of load that will make you a better hunter and drop game in it's tracks.   Our Hot & Fast absolutely "drills" game downrange with its tremendous energy transfer.  The Barnes TTSX bullet will give you double diameter expansion every time at this velocity.  Lighter, faster bullets are so misunderstood by the hunting community.  The train of thought about wanting the heaviest bullet possible is a deeper subject than most realize.  If you are not shooting over 300 hundred yards a lighter faster bullet may better serve you.  Out past 300 to 400 hundred yards you do want the added weight of a heavier projectile for momentum purposes, to fly further and resist cross winds.  Inside of 300 yards the added velocity of this load is a bigger benefit than an extra 30-40 grains of bullet weight, from using a heavier slower bullet.  Nothing in firearms ballistics is a free lunch, everything is a give and take, but speed does kill....and that's a fact.   For the guys running short barrel guns, this load is a great solution to the lost velocity from shorter barrel lengths.    


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