.308 Win 152gr Lehigh CONTROLLED CHAOS


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.308 Win 152gr Lehigh CONTROLLED CHAOS

20 Round box

New Manufacture

2,800 Fps, 20 " Barrel

2,645 Muzzle Energy Ft/Lbs


The copper 152gr Controlled Chaos projectile is the most advanced, cutting edge technological advancement of a hunting/defense projectile.  If you need a .308 Win round for hunting and or defense work, this is it.  The 152gr Controlled Chaos is designed to provide extensive wound trauma with minimal pass through energy.  Basically, the idea is to burst the front half of the bullet into numerous particles upon entry, while the base (about the bottom half) of the projectile continues traveling as a traditional projectile does.  It creates many wound channels and a large cavity.  Anywhere near near the central nervous system and its lights out.  This bullet's expanding and bursting only occurs when it hits a "wet" target by way of hydraulic expansion.  It is lead free and suppressor safe.  This round is manufactured with current production Winchester Military Arsenal (WMA) brass, and has a sealed primer and case mouth.  Rock solid duty grade ammo. 

• Suppressor Safe — The projectile is machined from solid bar stock. 

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