.308 Win 168gr T-REX --MAX HUNTER--


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.308 Win 168gr T-REX --MAX HUNTER--

20 rd box

New Manufacture

Muzzle Velocity:  2700 Feet Per Second, 24” Barrel

Muzzle Energy:  2719 Ft/Lbs


The .308 Win 168gr T-REX is the latest addition to the BECK family of products.  It is a High Velocity round for Hunting and Defense Work.  There is a lot of technology in this projectile and load.  In a nutshell, it is MASSIVE EXPANSION with DEEP PENETRATION.  It is Solid Copper that is engineered to expand to nearly three times the diameter of the bullet, while retaining 100% of its weight after expansion.  They are CNC made and have a polymer Ballistic Tip to ensure early and easy, uniform expansion no matter what part of the animal is hit.  Many hunting projectiles out there don't expand until deeper into the animal, but this bad boy travels its full range of motion expanded the entire time after contact.  The polymer tip also enhances performance in the department of feeding in the weapon, and it greatly increases the Ballistic Coefficient of the projectile for a good flight.   But the real technology is in the copper construction of the bullet, including the vertical serrations running from the top to about halfway down the projectile.  Those are the pedal lines where the copper peels back during expansion.  What they do is take all the randomness out of expansion, the copper comes apart and peels back the exact same every single time, forming pre-determined razor sharp pedals.  Take a look at the picture of the expanded projectile--that is what the round looks like every time it impacts a fleshy target, barring a slight variation if it hits heavy bone or similar hard accessory type objects worn on a human body.   Same huge expansion every time and a deep drive through the body is what you get with the T-REX.  There will be no disappointments here.....

The REX projectile is precision made by one of our Industry Partners - Maker Bullets.  Maker runs current state of the art technology to create specialty projectiles like no other.   We really can't say enough about their cutting edge ingenuity in the world of projectiles.  We are excited to team up with them.

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