.308 Win 180gr REX --- EXPANDING SUBSONIC ---


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.308 Win 180gr REX --- EXPANDING SUBSONIC ---

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The next evolution of .308 Win Expanding Subsonic is finally back. The 180gr REX Expanding Subsonic ammunition.  



20 rd box
New Manufacture
Does not cycle in Semi-Auto

Engineered for optimal subsonic velocity using a 16-20" barrel.

Muzzle Velocity:  990 Feet Per Second, 20” Barrel

Muzzle Energy:  391.7 Ft/Lbs


Remington 700 AAC-SD  Sample average velocity 20" barrel, 990 Fps.  Multiple Rem 700 rifles with factory barrels are the control weapon we use for ballistic engineering, and hands down the most consistent Subsonic shooter out of the big name brands of bolt guns.  It is the rifle we recommend to customers.

Ruger M77  Sample average velocity 20" barrel, 1010 Fps

Savage - All Models  Sample average velocity 20" barrel, 1050 Fps, Multiple Savage rifles used...all were higher than normal velocity with occasional supersonic crack.  Over the years of Subsonic ammunition testing we have noticed the Savage line of rifles have the most inconsistent velocities with Subsonic ammunition from one Savage to another Savage, They have also had stabilization issues with certain Subsonic projectiles....so we are thrilled the Savage rifles do at least stabilize this Subsonic round but with a slightly higher than desired velocity.  We want our customers to know this, it really comes down to the individual Savage rifle used.


The Maker REX bullets are precision CNC Machined, Lead Free, Solid Copper, EXPANDING Projectiles.  REX projectiles expand to nearly 3 times the original diameter while maintaining nearly 100% of its original weight.  The REX projectile has been engineered to give unparalleled performance in your Subsonic weapon platform.   THIS IS THE ROUND FOR SUBSONIC HUNTING AND SUBSONIC DEFENSE WORK.  Its performance rivals any previous expanding subsonic load we have ever manufactured.  Simply put, we feel it’s the best on the market.

Another fantastic feature of this projectile is that it stabilizes at subsonic velocity in a very broad spectrum of different rifle brands.  In fact, we have yet to find a 1/10 twist rifle that these do not stabilize.  Super accurate for Subsonic too!

The REX projectile is precision made by one of our new Industry Partners - Maker Bullets.  Maker runs current state of the art technology to create specialty projectiles like no other.   We really can't say enough about their cutting edge ingenuity in the world of projectiles.  We are excited to team up with them.

Beck Ammunition Silent Operator™ series is engineered to run at Subsonic Velocities (just below the speed of sound) and to be shot with a sound suppressor.  This ammunition is designed to be shot Suppressed (Silencer) and truly is "Hollywood Quiet."  It is engineered for optimal subsonic velocity using a 20" barrel, but shoots great through a 16" barrel as well.  This ammunition also serves as a reduced recoil round for those with physical disabilities and desire less felt recoil. 

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